Azure Data Studio: Split Terminal

I am writing this quick blog post because of a neat feature in Azure Data Studio that is currently undocumented in the official documentation: split terminal.

Azure Data Studio, like VS Code which it’s based on, supports an integrated terminal. You have a choice between PowerShell, cmd, or git bash. You can have multiple terminal windows active at the same time, even different types of terminals. A newer addition is that a single terminal pane can be split, enabling two or more terminals showing side-by-side.

To split your current terminal, click the Split Terminal command button, or use Ctrl+\ (backslash). A new default terminal opens immediately to the right of the active terminal. Yes, this means if you change your default terminal between opening the first terminal and splitting, you’ll have two different terminals side-by-side.

Azure Data Studio showing the Split Terminal command button
Azure Data Studio showing two PowerShell terminals side-by-side
Azure Data Studio showing two PowerShell terminals side-by-side

After opening multiple terminals side-by-side, they can be resized by dragging the vertical border between them.

Closing a split terminal is done using the Kill Terminal command button (the trash can). The terminal that is closed is the one with the active caret.

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