I am a Senior Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft serving US Education customers. In this role, I help ensure the success of K-12, higher education, academic medical centers, and libraries and museums’ Azure deployments.

When possible, I also continue to be involved in consulting for the Microsoft platform, which includes Azure, .NET, SQL Server, Windows Server, and COM technologies. Most recently, I’ve worked on projects that involved the Microsoft Azure cloud through Sorrell Solutions, L.L.C. Sorrell Solutions is a non-profit business services firm that offers Sorrell College students the opportunity to participate in real-world projects.

My About.me page: https://about.me/svenaelterman

My Amazon.com author page: https://amazon.com/author/svenaelterman

Twitter: @svenaelterman

LinkedIn: https://linkd.in/svena

One thought on “About

  1. hi ,
    your website and article about semantic search are grate
    I read it and helped me on my new project about Similarity of medical records
    Thank you

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