Azure Virtual Desktop: Which clients and client versions are in use?

On rare occasions, a bug might slip into the Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) clients. When that happens, it is highly relevant to know which clients and specific client versions your users are using to connect to the session hosts.

Assuming you have enabled diagnostic settings on your host pool* (you really should!), the KQL query in the Gist below will output the following information:

  • UserName
  • ClientOS
  • ClientType (which client was used, e.g., HTML, x64, MSIX, …
  • ClientVersion
  • The first and last date that client version was seen for that user

let startTime = ago(30d);
| where TimeGenerated > startTime
| summarize min(TimeGenerated), max(TimeGenerated) by UserName, ClientOS, ClientType, ClientVersion
| sort by UserName, min_TimeGenerated

*: Even better, use AVD Insights.

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