Speaking at SQL Saturday 845 Atlanta 2019

This Saturday, the Atlanta SQL user group is organizing its annual SQL Saturday. After a hiatus last year, I will be presenting a brand new talk, titled The New Tool in Your Kit: Azure Data Studio. Below is the abstract for the talk.

Azure Data Studio is a newer tool in the database developer and DBA’s toolkit. It’s a cross-platform and extensible application for connecting to on-premises and cloud data. Does it replace SSMS? How is it different? Can it really check if my Diet Coke needs replenishing? Come and find out in this demo-driven session, that will hopefully have you convinced to install Azure Data Studio before 60 minutes are up.

SQL Saturday talk abstract

A big thanks to the organizers of one of the largest free community events around! This takes a ton of commitment every year and it deserves more recognition than I can give in this puny blog post. So when you see an organizer (or a volunteer!), thank them in person!

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