Day 1 of Microsoft Connect 2017 was today. What a slew of announcements and new products/services! Here is my top 3:

  • Visual Studio Live Share
    Don’t tell me, show me!

    • Share the current state of your code and debugger with someone else, next to you or across the world.
    • It’s for both Visual Studio 2017 and Visual Studio Code.
  • SQL Server Operations Studio (preview)
    Open source, cross-platform tool for developing and managing SQL Server.

    • Support for source control (sorely lacking from SSMS without some special magic).
    • No installation required. Just extract and run.
    • Does not support Azure AD authentication (yet, I assume).
  • C# 7.2 Span type
    Safely access subsets of contiguous memory allocated for .NET objects, such as arrays or strings.

    • It’s much faster than create subsets by copying (especially in the case of strings, I expect).
    • Span<T> is not allowed on the heap, but there is Memory<T> which can help solve that issue.

What announcements are you excited about?

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