As announced before, I will be speaking once again at the annual Atlanta SQL Saturday. The Atlanta MDF is a great group and they put on an excellent event each year. Note: this year, the venue has changed for the first time in as long as I can recall. Be sure to check the location: Gwinnett Technical College!

I will be delivering my talk on 12 things you need to know about Azure SQL DB. They are very operations-oriented items meant for production DBAs. If you already have some experience with Azure SQL DB, this session will surely inform you of a few items that are very important when managing data with Azure SQL DB.

The 12 things, in order of the presentation, are:

  1. Staying up-to-date with new features
  2. Scripting DB creation (and some more) with PowerShell
  3. Restoring
  4. More restoring
  5. Geo-replication and failover groups
  6. Exporting and recovery
  7. Deleting databases and servers
  8. Using Azure Active Directory for authentication
  9. Checking firewall rules
  10. Configuring permissions using RBAC
  11. Auditing and threat detection
  12. Automating management

My talk is scheduled for 3:30 PM, the last talk of the day. I shall endeavor to keep it lively, entertaining and energetic!

Let me know what you think, or ask a question...

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