CQURE Academy 5-Day Challenge: Day 2

On day 2, the challenge continued with access management. This time, the video tutorial covered file permissions and how to query them using a variety of script commands. Very useful skills to have if you’ve ever tried to audit a file server where many people have had their hands in the pot.

I didn’t fare as well on the knowledge assessment compared to yesterday’s perfect score – only 3/5 correct. I missed questions about having both Deny and Allow permissions on the object and about registry hive permissions. The question about the registry hive wasn’t covered in the video and instead of taking the smart approach (Bing it with Google!), I just decided to try to derive the answer from prior knowledge. I didn’t feel comfortable with the answer I gave and as it turns out, it was the wrong one.

When completing the skills assessment, it turns out that the question about the registry hive permissions was covered in there. Lesson for day 3 and onward: watch the video AND go through the skills assessment before taking the knowledge assessment!

Overall, I feel I didn’t learn as much on day 2 as I did on day 1 – despite making the mistakes. The different ways to approach auditing file permissions are probably not going to stick as much as the service permissions did from day 1.

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