Speaking at SQL Saturday Birmingham 2017

I don’t post about my speaking engagements frequently enough. I realize I should do better and why not start today? I will be speaking at SQL Saturday Birmingham 2017 tomorrow, March 18. I have a single session titled “12 things to know about Azure SQL DB.”

I got started with Azure SQL DB about two years ago when I started a software development project destined to be hosted in the Azure cloud using only PaaS resources. Azure SQL Database  is a natural fit for such a project if you require a relational database. In the past two years, I have been very impressed with the features of Azure SQL DB and I developed two talks that highlight my experience with the DBaaS (Database-as-a-Service). This talk is the “intermediate” one as its targeted to those who have an understanding of what Azure SQL DB is about and may have used it already.

Here are the 12 things that are covered in the talk:

  1. Stay up-to-date on new Azure SQL DB features (and how to do that)
  2. Have a PowerShell “create” script handy
  3. Restores always create a new database
  4. Restores take a long time
  5. Geo-replication
  6. Creating long-term retention backups (manually or with Azure Recovery Services)
  7. Deleting a server is irreversible (so don’t do it)
  8. Use Azure AD authentication
  9. Regularly check firewall rules
  10. Configure access permissions using RBAC
  11. Turn on auditing and threat detection
  12. Automate management with Azure Functions

Attendee resources for this talk are all available as part of a Docs.com collection here: https://doc.co/NRzYQt

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