My first NuGet package: Repository and UnitOfWork patterns for EF 6.1.3

Since I’ve been developing software again, I’ve had to sharpen my skills on the latest enterprise architecture patterns and how they are used in .NET. The Repository and UnitOfWork patterns aren’t new, but implementing them correctly to achieve the most benefit without going overboard is nevertheless a learning curve. I found a presentation posted on YouTube by Mosh Hamedani that demonstrates implementing the Repository and UnitOfWork patterns using Entity Framework 6. (This video is part of a larger course he’s developed.)

I like his approach very much. Some of the plumbing work can easily be abstracted into a class library. I am sure many developers have done this already, but this was part of my learning. I had also never published a NuGet package. I figured if I wanted to manage dependencies in my own projects, it wouldn’t hurt to set that up. Because the library isn’t particularly advanced, I see no need to keep it private. So, I published my first package to the NuGet Gallery. I wasn’t expecting anyone else to stumble across that, but some did and wanted to use it.

I am encouraged by that and will continue to publish updates to NuGet. Note that at this time, I don’t have a public source code repository for this but I understand that that’s important to many. I will get the code up on GitHub sometime soon though.

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