SQL Saturday #132 in Pensacola, FL Around the Corner

It’s the start of June, and for the past few years that has meant SQL Saturday in Pensacola, FL. For some reason, this year it’s not the first Saturday in June, but the second one: June 9, right before TechEd North America 2012. I am scheduled to deliver two sessions at the event.

2:00 PM: Upgrading SSIS Packages to SQL Server 2012

This is another dry-run for my TechEd session the Monday after. We’ll focus on the steps needed to take your SSIS 2005/2008 packages and upgrade them for use with the SQL Server Data Tools and SQL Server 2012. We’ll also upgrade the projects to the Project Deployment Model and see what benefits developers and DBAs alike derive from that move.

4:30 PM: What’s New for Developers in SQL Server 2012

For those still awake, a whirlwind tour through the most important new features for developers in SQL Server 2012: new T-SQL functions, SSIS improvements, FileTable and SSDT all get a turn in the spotlight.


For the first time I will attend a SQL Saturday afterparty. Instead of going straight home after the event, I am sticking around Pensacola to catch a flight to Orlando and TechEd the next day.

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