SQL Saturday 111 Atlanta 2012 Wrap-Up

Yesterday’s SQL Saturday in Atlanta was another wonderful event. Thanks so much to the organizers (whom rumor has it aren’t exactly sure who I am…), the sponsors and the attendees. I had a great time interacting. Next up is SQL Saturday #112 in Birmingham. But before that, below are the slides and demo code from my Introduction to FileTables in SQL Server 2012 talk. I’ve copied and pasted the README file from it below the link.



You may have to modify the following items in the scripts and code:
- Connection strings. Mine assume that you have a default local 
SQL Server 2012 instance. - Data file locations. Mine assume that 
your SQL Server files are stored in C:\SQLData\Data. 
Alternatively, you can create that folder and ensure that your 
SQL Server identity has full control NFTS permissions over that 
- Database names. Mine assume that the demo will end with 4 
different databases, Demo_FileTable01 through Demo_FileTable04. 
However, you could put everything in a single one.
- SQL Server 2012. Everything should work on the Express edition.
  - Full-Text Indexing and Semantic Search installed.
- Visual Studio 2010 Service Pack 1.

- Visual Studio 2010 SP 1 solution containing the PhotoWatermark 
project. Sample project showing how transactional access to FileTable 
data is possible.
- SQL Server 2012 SSDT solution containing 4 script files. 
In the demo, script 01 is run first, however, you may want to run 
scripts 05 and 10 first to create the database and the FileTable.
- Script 40 is for the semantic search demo. Setting up semantic 
search in SQL Server 2012 is documented below.


Let me know what you think, or ask a question...

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