Alabama Code Camp 9 Postponed Til Further Notice

I am very sorry to have to write this blog entry… but due to low registration numbers (we leveled off around 60 people registered), it was decided to postpone the code camp indefinitely while we can evaluate the attractiveness of the location (make no mistake, I think the venue — Sorrell College of Business at Troy University — was great), timing, marketing, etc.

This decision wasn’t made lightly, but considering that

  • speakers volunteer their time, and often travel money, to speak
  • sponsors want some exposure for their contribution

having such a low expected turnout was just not right.

I am sure that we will have an Alabama Code Camp (a lot of the ground work has been laid) and as soon as we have a plan, we will announce it.

In the meantime, feel free to leave a comment on this post if you have ideas or contributions to make!

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