Alabama Code Camp 9: March 10, 2012

UPDATE: 2012-03-02: Due to low registrations, the event was postponed. Read more here.

The ninth edition of the Alabama Code Camp is less than one month away! It will be held at Troy University’s Sorrell College of Business in Troy, AL on Saturday, March 10, 2011.

I remember (OK, just vaguely) attending and presenting at my first code camp, which was the first Alabama Code Camp, way back in 2005. This is the first of the code camps I am helping to organize, coordinating everything local to Troy, AL. Fortunately, many other (experienced) organizers are involved also.

The Code Camp web site is here:, and a direct link to the registration page (registration is FREE!!!) is at

We are finalizing the tracks, and the call for speakers is still open. If you’re interested in speaking, fill out the speaker submission form now:

Even if you think you lack experience, try you hand at it. You’ll be surprised at how rewarding preparing and presenting a session is, and you’ll find the attendees are going to have questions for you — immediately establishing you as an authority. And that doesn’t hurt.

Let me know what you think, or ask a question...

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