It’s Everybody’s Business

It’s Everybody’s Business is a series of webisodes produced by Microsoft. The show features Jack and Suzy Welch (of GE fame) as they visit with IT executives and leaders from Fortune 500 companies and help them work through challenges and opportunities the firm faces. During the sessions, Jack and Suzy gain an understanding of the business and then suggest ways in which IT can help meet the challenges. At the end of the show, ideas are presented to the company’s CEO.

I’ve watched the first episode, highlighting an innovative business division of Hertz. The discussions are interesting and sometimes heated as the Welches and the executives work through the available options.

The show provides a good insight for students as the strategic IT management process is uncovered.

UPDATE: 2010-01-09: Added link to Jack and Suzy Welch’ official web site.

UPDATE 2: 2012-01-03: Apparently, the show is now no longer available on, but is syndicated by CNBC. I updated the hyperlink.

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