SQL Saturday #14 in Pensacola, FL Coming Up (June 6)

If you are not familiar with a SQL Saturday, it’s like a Code Camp, but focused on SQL Server.

SQL Saturday #14 is the Pensacola, Florida event for 2009. The lineup of sessions, location, and registration is available from the SQL Saturday web site at http://www.sqlsaturday.com/eventhome.aspx?eventid=18.

I will be presenting a session on the SQL Server 2008 FILESTREAM feature.

On side note, I like the concept of sqlsaturday.com: one site where all SQL Saturday events are managed from. Makes me think we need something like this for Code Camps also. It cuts down on the amount of coding each organizing committee has to do, allowing them more time to focus on the actual organization. Attendees and presenters benefit from the uniform interface.

P.S.: There is one May 30 in Birmingham, AL also. I will not be attending that event though.

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