Alabama Code Camp 3 Experience

Yesterday’s third Alabama Code Camp was a good experience for me. Contrary to my post on 9/12, I did not do a talk on Windows Communication Foundation, but added a session on creating an Extender with ASP.NET AJAX (“Atlas”).
The evening before the event, I was asked to take over a session for Joe Healy, who had a family emergency. His talk was an introduction to ASP.NET AJAX and fit right in with mine. I had to scramble to prepare for that talk, but managed to do it just in time for the session’s start.
P.S.: To those who attended my sessions, thank you for the feedback and the response. I enjoyed the questions and interaction. The slides, code and demo scripts will be posted later today.
Upcoming Code Camps Next spring, there is a Code Camp in the works for Mobile. I will likely make plans to attend and present some sessions there too. A code camp is scheduled in Atlanta on January 20th. I have not yet made a decision about attending.

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