Windows Vista Developer Training: WCF Lab 2 Update

(Note: This is my first “live” blog post…)

I am in Atlanta for Windows Vista Developer Training. I’ve had a chance to get used to the user experience (UX) in Windows Vista, and I like it. The developer side of Vista is exciting also, but is clearly still in the works. The lab exercises that are provided are those that were also used during the PDC. They have been updated to an extent.

But on my machine, I installed the Vista July CTP build (build 5472) with its matching .NET Framework 3.0. The Windows Communication Foundation lab 2 went fairly well, but did require some changes to the code. I’ve uploaded my solution for lab 2 here [2]. Hopefully, this can be of use to someone who’s trying the lab on a recent build.

The main differences are here: The Session property of the OperationContractAttribute is now called SessionMode and has changed from a boolean value to an enum. The MSMQ exercise in the lab requires an additional configuration attribute in the tag, “exactlyOnly=”false”“. (Unless you enable transactional support first; but in the lab, this is done later)


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