Alabama Code Camp: Great Event

The Alabama Code Camp last Saturday was, from my perspective, a success. I thought that attendance was high and the quality of the sessions I attended good to very high. Thanks to the sponsors for enabling this (including a “free lunch”).

The only side of the event I liked less was the venue. Computer classrooms are not the best places to sit and watch demonstrations. Also, the building is a complete maze and there are no pointers whatsoever to help you find a particular room number.

I believe people who came to my presentation were satisfied. Unfortunately, one hour was not nearly enough to show what I really wanted to show. My slides and the code for WSE 2.0 have been posted. I am working on an issue with one of the demos in WSE 3.0, but expect those files to be posted soon. I need to mention that the idea for Demo 2 in my presentation was obtained from William Stacey’s blog.

Security Gaffe

One thing that is nearly as funny as this, is a poster I noticed at the Virginia College, Palisades II campus (where the Code Camp was held). The poster was meant to inform their students of the availability of a virtual library. As such, it was posted at the main entrance. Unfortunately, the poster included not only the URL to the virtual library, but also the password…

I wonder why they even bother to have a password then? (Note that I didn’t actually try this out, and it’s possible that the virtual library is only accessible through their student portal site, which probably requires a separate logon. Still, it makes no sense to have a secondary password then.)

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